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Dear Extremist; This is How to be Extreme

Dear Extremist,

This is how to be EXTREME..

If your religion says pray 5 times a day, take yours to the extreme, pray 10, 20 or even 50 times a day.

If your religion says to give alms, dont just give little, sell everything you have give the money to the poor, go live in the jungle… that is extremism.

If your religion says wearing good clothes is a sin, give all your clothes to the poor and needy, ask your neighbours for their used rags and start wearing that.

If your religion says weave ons and attachments are from the marine spirit, first thing tomorrow, visit the nearest barber and get a low cut already..

If your religion says some people are going to hell and they dont seem to be “repenting”, leave them alone, God does not waste resources, he created hell for some people.

There are 1001 ways to be extreme other than inflicting pain and causing harm to others because of your religion..

Wanna be extreme, go extreme, aint no stopping you.


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