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Bread Seller turned Super Model; My View.

I have refused to comment on the bread seller turned super model national headliner due to the huge emotional attachments.

However, before our international audiences begin to think that every Nigerian “sleeps with their heads in the same direction” *in my Yoruba accent*, I will air my views.

I celebrate the good fortunes that smiled upon the bread seller and I earnestly pray that your Pastor’s anointing “Oyel” and handkerchiefs will have similar effects on you.

But you see, the bread seller would have remained a bloody bread seller BUT for the “missionary” photographer..

How many beautiful bread sellers have we come across in the past… have they become super models??

Some even tell us of their aspirations to become better in life, some even showcase evidences of their giftings yet all they get is “God will do it”..

Some of us even attempt to exploit their “natural resources” because obviously they are cheaper to exploit than our imported-hair carrying Bimbos…

Even a sitting Governor in this country came across a widow in the similitude of the bread seller and he literarily told her to “GO AND DIE”…

So it depicts to me that the story isn’t more about the bread seller but the magnanimity of the bread seller’s photographer…

I even heard some folks have since labeled her a motivational speaker, what does she want to tell her audience??…

“If you can hawk bread with passion, then you can become a super model some day??”….

Before all ENDORSEMENTS go to the Bread Seller, the Bread Seller’s photographer DESERVES to be ENDORSED too…

Sometimes all we need to do is TRY A LITTLE KINDNESS…. Help a Brother/Sister whenever you can..


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