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Blank is a Gift.

Often times, when we hear the word Blank the picture painted in our subconsious minds by default is one of gloom; we see the picture of a void, of an emptiness, of things without form and comeliness.

Fortunately for me, I have a background in the Fine Arts and I have an understanding of the powers embedded in a blank canvas. With a blank canvas, I could paint the next Mona Lisa, given the opportunity and access to several blank canvases, I could draw and paint my way to become the 21st century Leonardo DaVinci. That is how powerful a blank canvas can be.

Coincidentally too, I am a practicing Christian (AKA Judaism) and the First Chapter of the First Book of the Christian Bible gives an account of how God (supposedly the creator of Everything) created everything seen and unseen from the blankness of the Earth. According to the Bible, “In the very beginnings, this Earth that we now inhabit was without form and void, but God created Man and other contents of the earth from the blank”.

Away from theology.

Here is where I am driving at. Blanks do not always mean emptiness. Sometimes, blanks are there to make us recreate our realities.

Do not be afraid to go blank.

Do not be afraid to wipe your slate.

Do not be afraid to start all over again.

You might just be on your way to create something new and innovative.

Opportunities come sometimes camouflaged as blank containers.

P.S. I am currently undertaking a research on gods and I have also noticed they have an affinity for blanks. Many of them go to desert lands and void places to test-run how much of the deity they have become.

Who else wants to become a deity?

Go Find blanks and make monuments out of them.

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