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Between Delegation and having plenty Monkeys on your back.

Hey Fam,
How have You been? How is the #Rona lockdown at your end?
Today, I thought to share a critical lesson in “Personal Energy Management”.
Sometime ago, I read a very interesting article in the Harvard Business Review.
It was a long read but let me summarise it with a story.
Let’s assume You are a Team Lead at work,
You delegate a task to one of the down lines… automatically, that task become a “Monkey on the back” of that person.
Say 2 days later, You ask the guy how far with the task, he says “I am having some challenges” and then You reply “Let me check it out”…
Automatically, the Monkey on that person’s back jumps on your back.
Then You the “Supervisor” becomes the “Supervisee” because tomorrow, the down-line will be the one waiting on You for “feedback”.
Now imagine You have that kind of “monkey transfer conversation” with 3-5 of your downlines.. i.e. 5
Monkeys in addition to the the Monkeys your own Bosses have put on your back.
You will now get home, your body will be paining You like Aboki that went to dig Well.
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To every other person, “You are the nice guy that comes through for everybody” in reality You are the “Monkey Man” who offsets every other person’s Monkeys.
24 hours will now be looking like 2 hours 40 minutes because your “To Do List” is looking like an Essay.
You will now be wasting your hard-earned Money that You made “carrying Monkeys on your back” to buy “Time Management Books” up and down.
Morale of the story:
In reality, You cannot “manage time” as it were…
What You can manage is the “Energy” You dissipate in a time interval and if the Energy was worth what You used it for.
If You must “be a nice guy”, offer them clues on how to fix their challenges..but “never ever” accept somebody else’s Monkey.
Another (Bonus) Life Lessons, “Nice Guys” burn out easily… then everybody will come and say “Heyah, he was a very Nice guy” and GTB has not started receiving “he is a nice guy” as deposit.
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Stay Safe Fam!
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