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Between being a Yoruba Man and an opinionated Human.

Call it whatever You want, but the “average” Yoruba man does not like trouble.

If You are putting on a Blue cloth and You tell him the cloth is Red, he instantly agrees with You that the cloth is Red.

If someone else comes along and says that same cloth is Black, he will also agree with him that some how, the cloth is looking like black.

Local man does not want “wahala”, You people should carry your Red and Black argument and go.

As cool as that sounds, there comes a time in a Man’s life when You should have “well-formed” opinions on issues.

You should not “kowtow in the powhow” of every Buhari, Atiku and Sowore that comes your way.

Something must kill a Man You know…If and when You die, let it be said that You died “on your own terms” not as a “Chameleon”.

Of course, You should not always have opinions on every issue, so if and when You do not have an opinion on an issue, just simply tell the parties involved that at that particular time (t), local man cannot can’t.

Stand for something so You will not fall for everything.


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