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Are You a victim of the Moses Myth?

Hi there,

How have You been?

How has preparations for Post-Covid been?


As we prepare to return to our “normal lives” in the days ahead, there is an insight I got during this period that has been helpful to Me and I thought to share it with You.

It is called the Moses Myth.

I am sure You have heard the story of Moses at some point or the other.

If You haven’t, let me help with a brief summary, the Bible (and other books) recorded that at a particular period, the Israelites were under slavery in Egypt and Moses was sent to liberate them.

In the course of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, Moses performed several feats which included bring several plagues upon Egypt, parting of the Red Sea, bring Water out of a Rock and many more.


Now back to the “Moses Myth”.


The Moses Myth is based on the assumption that in every organization, family or group of people, there is always a “Moses” who performs all the “Miracles” or gets everything done.


So You are likely to hear phrases like “He is the go-to-guy”, “the brainstorming process is not complete with out her”, “He gets things done around here” etc.

All these statements are attesting to the fact that the individual in question is the “Moses” of that group. Maybe You are even the “Moses” in your group?

How does this affect You as an individual and your organization? 

It was recorded that the Moses in the bible did not get to the “promised land” i.e. the ultimate destination of the Exodus. While there are several explanations are to why he did not make the journey, one of the reasons can be attributed to “Burn Out”.


How if affects the “Moses”

If You happen to be the “Moses” in your group, family or organization, your chances of Burning out are very high as You will constantly have more than You can handle on your plate. Hence, such a person might eventually not “reach the promised land” on that project, task or activity.

How if affects the Organization

The presence of a “Moses” in an organization or group might trigger the following;

  1. Other members of the group might “slow down” on their capacity development because of the intimidating presence of the “Moses”.
  2. Innovation is strifled as majority of the ideas are seen through the perspective of the “Moses” in the group or team. As You already know, innovation can come from any member of the team. The most “stupid questions” from the “least member” of the group/team can trigger massive innovative ideas but in an organization whose activity is built around an Individual, this might be difficult.
  3. What happens when your “Moses” falls sick or decides to move to another organization?

How do we work around the “Moses Myth” if You see it evidenced in your team, group or organization

  1. If You happen to be the Moses in your team, learn how to delegate. It frees You some good chunk of time to focus on imporant tasks.
  2. This will also give the other members of the team room to develop their capacities instead of relying on the “miracles” to be performed by an individual.
  3. As a Business leader, team leader or group leader, You should endeavor to carry every member of the team along on the strategic goals of the team. No doubt, You will have 1 or 2 members of your team who might be bringing in the bulk of the inputs but do your due diligence to ensure tasks are assigned to other members of the team so they feel a sense of belonging and also get carried along on the goal.

I hope You have learnt a thing or two from this article and I wish You success in your endeavors.

Do drop me a comment about your thoughts on what I shared in this article.



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