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A tale of narratives.

A large chunk our challenge lies in how we are delivering our narrative.

What we are doing today is we allow others to tell our stories for us


we take their own stories and adopt them as ours.

It is the reason why we have Nigerian Jews and Levites from Akure.

It is the reason why an Ibadan Man with tribal marks thinks his heritage is in Jerusalem.. (even the folks in Jerusalem are still hustling their heritage with the Palestines).

It is the reason why Mary is holy and Yeye Osun is “fetish”.

It is the reason why Sango is an “Evil Spirit” and Thor is a Super Hero..

It is the reason why we will do a “Traditional Wedding” and then have to wear Suits and Gowns to Church and the Pastor will ask if we have been married before… Rara Sir, it was rehearsals we did during the traditional.

It is the reason why I still have to wear a Suit and Tie to be seen as “Corporate” in the hot Akure or Abuja Sun…??

Until we OWN our own stories and tell tales of our conquests we will remain Independent Slaves at best.

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