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This book is an attempt to document some of the insights I have acquired from my observations of everyday life.

I titled it “Insights from Inside Life”.

Insight means “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.”

“Inside Life” is a slang/pseudonym for the World or what we call “Life”.

So in essence, what I have written in the pages of this book are my “insights” from my “observations” of the “ways of Men”.

Like the Wise King Solomon, I go about my endeavour every day and when I “return”, I document the things  I “saw”.

You know sometimes we get so “busy” with “surviving” that we forget to “live life”. We are so caught up in the hustles and bustles that we do not pay attention to the little details. And a wise man once said that “the devil is in the details”.

I wrote this book to share some of those insights with You.


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