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May Crude Oil continue to fall.

The recent crashes in the global prices of crude oil has done more good to us than harm. In a Crude Oil fueled country like Nigeria for example a number of revelations have come to lime light. I have been around here for well over two decades and for the very first time in history, […]

The Business of Governing Nigeria

Last week, President Obama gave his last State of Union address as the President of the United States of America. While listening to him, a lot of things ran through my mind. Of course, he is the President of the Most Powerful Nation in the World BUT what I heard that day wasnt coming from […]


If you ask me for a one word summary of the concept we have come to know as LIFE, then I will say RETURNS. RETURNS make the world go round. Whether you are a in Business, Academia, Religion or even Prostitution, we have a common ground…RETURNS..   The business guy expects a RETURN on whatever […]