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Life Lessons from the Mall

The other day I was at the mall, then I decided to take my shopping a little further than I used to. Instead of just picking up the groceries I came to get, I decided to go over to the section of the mall where “normal people” don’t go. You know that part? Believe me, […]

Selling Cold Pure Water in Hell

The kinda ideas I get these days, only God knows where the hell they come from. Yesterday, something just popped in my head. It was like, What if we had people who would sell ice-cold pure-water in hell?. They will make good sales wont they? The people there are on fire,thirsty and burning therefore they […]

Life is a Marathon,not a Sprint

Life is a Marathon not a sprint Those were the words that popped into my head as I settled-in to begin my evening shift earlier this evening (Yeah, I run an evening shift in my home-office). Of course, I have heard that phrase a number of times but never has it sunk deeply the way […]