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The Business of Governing Nigeria

Last week, President Obama gave his last State of Union address as the President of the United States of America. While listening to him, a lot of things ran through my mind. Of course, he is the President of the Most Powerful Nation in the World BUT what I heard that day wasnt coming from […]


If you ask me for a one word summary of the concept we have come to know as LIFE, then I will say RETURNS. RETURNS make the world go round. Whether you are a in Business, Academia, Religion or even Prostitution, we have a common ground…RETURNS..   The business guy expects a RETURN on whatever […]

The American Psyche

Yesterday, I listened to President Barrack Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address. Believe you me, if America was a product or service, with Obama’s pitch, they have already won my patronage. Obama’s speech and body language was that of a Marketer selling a product or service close to his heart. He was more or […]

On Symptoms and Root Causes

How would you feel if you visited your Doctor and complained about having Malaria, and then your Doctor asks about the symptoms you are having, you tell him you are feeling feverish, then some headache and then you Doctors prescribes drugs to take away the symptoms without giving you any drugs to actually cure the […]

What are you Enterpreneuring?

I meet folks on a daily basis who are very quick to introduce themselves as Entrepreneurs with a scent of braggadocio. As a matter of fact, our society seems to have attached some idolization to the term “Entrepreneur”. Understandably, in a society such as ours where there are more unemployed people than the employments available, […]

Of Sharks and Remoras

It was my secondary school biology teacher that first introduced the concept of Commensalism to me. In a Commensal relationship, one party benefits immensely while the other is grossly unaffected. One of such notable relationships is that of the Sharks and the very tiny Remoras. By attaching itself to a leopard shark, a remora is […]