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I have noticed a trend lately, for the lack of a better adjective, let me call it “The LinkedIn-Bandwagon”. LinkedIn bandwagon because Linkedin.com is one of those socio-professional networks that gives you the opportunity to showcase your career bragging rights in grand style. It is on LinkedIn that people are “Notepad Specialists”, “Microsoft Word Analysts”,”Twitter […]

Ali Archives

Sometimes ago, someone sarcastically asked me why I was always writing and writing and writing. My response; I am writing and writing and writing so that when I am dead and long gone to heaven or hell, my children and their own children and their children’s children will have verbatim access to my thoughts. They […]

Muhammad Ali and other lessons

News came in today that the world had lost another legend. Muhammad “The Greatest Ali” is dead at 74. I remember as an adventurous kid, I had loads of super hero characters; Ali was one of them; I remember tying strips of clothes around my wrist as I “played” Ali during some of our plays. […]