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Jack Ma is a Prophet.

Every Sunday in Africa, people gather in Churches. The Pastor or Prophet in charge of the congregation gives a sermon which may or may not be applicable to his/her members. In Africa, when your Pastor’s sermon applies to you, we call it Rhema. I stumbled on this Jack Ma video and guess what, it was […]

The Morning after your death

After hearing back to back news of how people have been dying since last week, some funny ideas came to my mind. First I thought of being able to take a time travel to the day I will die, then live backwards from then; Of course I am not Seun Kent from Krypton, and we […]

Keep your titles, show us your solutions.

I have noticed a trend lately, for the lack of a better adjective, let me call it “The LinkedIn-Bandwagon”. LinkedIn bandwagon because Linkedin.com is one of those socio-professional networks that gives you the opportunity to showcase your career bragging rights in grand style. It is on LinkedIn that people are “Notepad Specialists”, “Microsoft Word Analysts”,”Twitter […]