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Meet Me

DSC_9231Seun Ogunmola is a cerebral being whose interests lie in providing viable solutions to day-to-day societal issues.

Seun is building a world class career, geared towards proffering and providing viable solutions to some of the chronic problems ravaging Nigeria, Africa and the World at Large. (with keen interests in; Information and Communication Technology (ICTs), Education, Agriculture and Housing) in an atmosphere of continuous professional development, dynamism and responsiveness.

   The Geek

He is an active Software Developer cum Computer Programmer. He sits in front of a Computer Screen all day trying to “save the world”.

He has core competences in Web and Mobile technologies with expertise in PHP,C# and Python programming languages.[By the time you are reading this he has probably added more].

He currently leads a team of developers in the Product Development unit of one of the top-notch technology firms in Nigeria.


The Academic

His childhood dream is to become a Professor someday and he is constantly in pursuit of this.

He is currently in the Professorial pipeline studying for a Masters Degree in Computer Science whilst meeting his day to day job demands.

The Writer cum Blogger

When he is not crunching codes or carrying out academic researches, He is writing. Seun is a natural-born writer. He writes across several genres from Poetry to Prose, Fictions to Self-help texts. He constantly blogs at www.seunogunmola.com.ng. He has authored a book titled Scoring Smart Goals.

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