Conversations with Money

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Conversations with Money

I started a research on Money.

I learnt about the concept of Money where it all started, how it has evolved over the years and how and why some people have plenty of it while most people can hardly hold on to the few notes they have.

To document my knowledge, I decided to write a series of blogposts.

The series was welcomed by testimonials from my readers but You know how a blog works?. When You post new articles the older articles gradually gets archived.

That is another problem.

I have quality contents that should be beneficial to You but because You came late to the party, the content had already been archived therefore You don’t get to see it.

As usual, I decided to solve this problem. That was when I thought of the idea of packaging the blog posts from the series into a proper eBook. Add a few “jara” to it and make it available on the library of the internet.

In this way, even if I have written 1,000 posts after the series and it gets archived on my blog, You will still be able to access the contents via a book.

That is why I decided to write yet another book on the subject of Money.

Well one more reason.

I decided to write it in a simple and concise, “straight to the point”, “no bullshit” manner.

I want You to pick up the book, finish it in one or two days depending on your speed and pick up action points almost immediately.

That is why I wrote the book and I hope it is helpful to You.

One final thing, when You are done reading this book, I expect You to of course have more knowledge on the subject of Money but most importantly, I will expect You to have action points that You are going to work on almost immediately.

“Lass Lass all of us go dey alright”

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