Why are You not making Money?

Happy New Week Fam!,

Here is another 5 working days opportunity to double the hustle.

I was thinking about something over the weekend and thought to share with You.


I know that I do not necessarily need to run a survey to know that most of us want to make more Money…

I dont know about You sha but I want to make more Money… that is one of my major goals  🙂 


I noticed a problem anyways,

We all want to make MORE MONEY but 80-90% of us are not making Money at all or to not sound pessimistic, we are not making as much as we want to make.

I am sure You quite agree with the postulation above…well, except your name is on the Forbes’ list sha.


So I got thinking about the problem.. and I was asking myself the following questions;

  1. WHY are we not making enough Money?
  2. What are the factors responsible for this?
  3. How can we turn the situation around?
  4. Is there something we should be doing that we are not currently doing?
  5. Is there something we should not be doing that we are currently doing?

So for the next few weeks, I will be picking this questions one after the other and make attempts to proffer viable answers to them….Hopefully, before or by the time we are done providing answers to these questions, we would have found a way around the problem.

And by the way if You have answers to some of these questions or You want to add more questions to the stack of questions, feel free to hola at your boy or just drop a comment in the box below.

You know that this particular table we are plenty on it and IF we can find a solution to this problem everywhere go stew for us and lass lass everybody go dey alright.

I wish You a wonderful week ahead.

Yours in the hustle,


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