Who Epp Help?

Who you epp?

If you are a Nigerian or you are in Nigeria and you haven’t heard that phrase above, let me guess, Your hearing aid has either been faulty lately or maybe you are somewhere in Sambisa helping to rescue the Chibok girls or better still your rank in your “Soosi Deeper Life” is nearing that of the G.O.

Anyways, let me help you out. 

“Who you epp?” is the title of Olamide’s recent multi-collaborated single. The song talked about folks who have had some forms of influence and/or affluence in the past but did not epp (help) anyone with it.

Anyways, that is not the reason for this post. As much as it feels good to get help or be “epped”, I think help is overrated.

I have seen many a people fail and remain failures because they have found it very easy to convince themselves that they failed because they did not get any one to help them. 

Of course, a subtle referral is better than a cold-blooded cold-calling. It is better to enter someone’s office with a not from his/her friend that go all the way reciting your C.V. It is better to “chyk” a babe when her friend or sister has already put in some cool words for you than going all the way like a Crisxus the gladiator. And if God is in a very good mood with you, her laptop goes faulty and then her friend tells her you are the next in command after Bill Gates… Viola!

Away from my comics anyways.

I think help is not a raw-material for manufacturing Success. Help can be a catalyst to speed-en up the reaction or save you the stress of bootstrapping but help should never be solely relied upon.

Help is not a strategy.

Even the person you hope to help you probably needs some helper too. That sounds more like even your helper needs a helper (In HarrySong’s voice).

So next time someone feels Life is not cutting them some slack because no one is epping (helping) them, please ask them who epp help?

I am Out!