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The Product Market Fit Pyramid – A Quick Guide

As a Product Manager,
You will quickly come to realize that your Environment (Business and others) is in a state of constant flux; Things are changing by the minute.

Consequently, You need to be a constant and never ending Learner.

I have been actively managing software products for over 5 years and I understand what it feels like.

This is why I have decided that moving forward, I will share insights and excerpts from my Learning notes on a Weekly Basis (Mondays)

Pending when I get a more fancy name, I will call it #SeunOgunmolaPMNotes.

For today, I want to talk about the 5 Steps in the Product Market Fit (PMF) Pyramid.

At the base of the pyramid, You have your Target Customers; the people You are looking to serve.

The next layer is an Understanding of their Under-Served Needs; the problems they have that nobody is solving the way You want to solve it.

On top of the Under-Served Needs layer is your Value Proposition; How You intend to offer Value to your Target Customers by solving their pressing needs in your unique way.

After your have clearly spelt out your Value Proposition, You need to identify the feature sets that will be in your Minimum Viable Product. i.e. the minimum version of your product/service that You will be offering to your Customers.

Finally, the User Experience (UX), You need to present your solution to your target Customers in a delightful way via a great Interface and Experience.

These 5 layers form the core of any product or idea You are looking to bring to the market.

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