How to switch to a Tech Career immediately without having a Tech Background or Coding knowledge

How can I switch to a Career in Tech, I studied [Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry…..etc] and I don’t like Coding?.
Every now and then, I get asked the question above by people who want to pivot into Tech.
I know You have heard people say “Tech is the new Oil”
or You might have seen how Tech Bros and Sisters flaunt their “La Vida Coda” lifestyles on Twitter and You are asking “God When?”
Maybe You have even tried learning Coding and You heard your village people saying “Its not for Children, ma lo fa” 😃
Before I proceed, Let me shock You.
The most badass guys I know in Tech today did not study anything related to Computer Science or Tech.. they just aspired to perspire…LOL..
That was on a lighter note… but You can switch to a career in Tech in less than 6 months if You put your heart to it.
In the next few paragraphs, I will highlight 10 areas in Tech that You can get into today without a background in Tech or if You dont like coding.
Are You still with Me?
Alright, Let’s rock and roll!!!
1. (Tech) Product Management start here:…/digital-product-management
4. Tech Sales/Marketing .. this one You need to SELL yourself by yourself.. 😃
5. Tech Support Specialist start here:
6. Digital/Social Media Marketing start here:
8. Software Quality Tester start here:
9. Technical Writer.. this one You will need to combine your writing skills with observation
and the oga pata pata of them all?
10. Tech CEO.. E Shock You?
Well, I know at least 10 Tech CEOs in Nigeria alone that did not have any background in Tech and do not write code… all You need is an Eye for Opportunities, People Organization and Management Skills… if your Papa get Money for Seed Funding… it is an added advantage.
Also, the good people at Skillup Africa offer FREE Novice-to-JobReady Tech training.. check them out here:
So there You have it.

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