Selling Cold Pure Water in Hell

The kinda ideas I get these days, only God knows where the hell they come from.
Yesterday, something just popped in my head. It was like, What if we had people who would sell ice-cold pure-water in hell?. They will make good sales wont they?

The people there are on fire,thirsty and burning therefore they will sacrifice anything to “get a drop of water from Lazaruses thumb” like the Bible said, let alone very chilled water.
Crazy as that sounds, if not impossible, that is exactly the thought pattern every one who intends to succeed in business needs to follow.

You will agree with me that it will be easier selling cold pure water in hell than selling Gold in heaven right?.

After all, the streets of Heaven are paved in Gold and everybody there has a mansion and hi-tech gadgets (like our Pastor boasts when he wants us to give seeds of faith).

So come to think of it, instead of trying to build another Konga and Jumia or your own facebook (people already have that), why not think of the people currently in “hell on earth” and the kinds of cold pure water they will be needing, then build it and sell to them?

Currently there are under-served and un-served sectors of the economy. Millions of Nigerians do not even have access to the basic necessities of life (food,clothing,housing,medical services) let alone access to the internet not to now talk of shopping on your own Konga or is it “BoreHole” you will call your own. (BTW Konga means Well in my language)

So you too want to be the CEO of a Startup right? Get some space in CCHub or IdeaHub and have Techpoint headline you as the guy taking up Konga head-to-head?

Before you do that, think about this; instead of trying to sell Gold in heaven or selling Ice to eskimos like our motivational speaker boasts of, think of ways to sell Cold pure water in hell. People will thank fully pay you their monies and then you will need an editor to man the testimonials’ section of your website.

Remember to thank me later. 🙂