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Product Management 101 – What is a Product?

To get started with our conversation on Product Management, it is very important that we understand what the “Product” we are trying to manage is.


Very quickly let’s answer the question; What is a Product?


You probably already know the answer.


Look around You, everything You can see is somebody’s product.


Your Shirts, your Car, the cup of coffee you are sipping, the device You are using to read this. They are all Products.


At the basics, A product is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy the desire or need of a customer.


Now let us look at what a Product is from our own context; The Digital Space.


Product School defines a Product as “A purchasable, downloadable, or freely attainable entity – be it something physical, downloadable, or accessible online – that delivers value.”


A Product in the digital space will usually refer to Apps, Software, Multimedia Artifacts; Audio, Video, PDFs, NFTs and everything around it.


Product Management concepts are applicable in every field of human endeavor where a “product” is being created and offered to users but for the purpose of this conversation, we will be narrowing our scope down to Product Management in the Digital Space.


Now that You know what a Product is, in my next article, I will introduce Who a Product Manager is.



1 thought on “Product Management 101 – What is a Product?”

  1. Does project management require you to know everything in total about the product to be managed..including development and maintenance?

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