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PRODUCT MANAGEMENT 101 – What do Product Managers do?

In the previous article, we established what Product Management is and Who Product Managers are.

In this article, let’s talk about What Product Managers do.

As the name implies, a Product Manager “manages” products within an organization. 

They are responsible for planning, directing and executing the product strategy within an organization. 

They are also responsible for keeping the product strategy aligned with the rest of the company’s goals and objectives. 

A product manager works closely with product owners to define business goals and develop the strategy to meet those goals.

They also work closely with business leaders to ensure that the product is aligned with the company’s overall goals and strategy. 

They are a central part of the product development process, working closely with developers, engineers and other business units to create products that meet customer needs and expectations. 

They liaise with stakeholders and other members of the team to ensure that the product meets their needs and expectations. 

In short, Product Managers work with everyone involved in the value chain of the Product from the moment the product idea is conceived to when it is built to when Customers start using the Product. 

As a Product Manager, You will work with the Management of the Organization, the Development/Engineering Team, the Sales Team, the Customer Support Team and sometimes You will get to talk to Customers directly.

In the next article, we will talk about the various types of Product Managers and how their scope of work differs.

I will see You in the next one.



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