On the Society, Normal and Abnormal Folks…

By default, we were born into a society that teaches us to be normal at all cost, yet goes ahead to celebrate the abnormal folks.
On Life generally,
Yes, we have taken your advice. We have gone to school, we studied hard, got good grades, graduated and got good jobs. Now we turn to the society to at least get some applause for the job well done. The society looks us in the face and be like, “And so what?, what is so special about watch you have done? Look around everyone else clocks in at 8am and clocks out at 5pm, earns enough to keep them waiting till the last day of the month” and then goes ahead to celebrate the Olamides and the Denreles and the rest of them who were brave enough to be “abnormal” at some point. They are the real MVPs.
On Marriage.
…Because I was born in the South West of Nigeria to a Yoruba family (which was not my choice anyways), it has become a social imperative that if I must marry, then I must look for a Bola or a Shade or a Bukola else questions pop up front, back, left, right and center.
Or because my parents probably did not meet on time or decided to take their time before conceiving me (a decision which I was not part of) and hence I was born at a later date and then in the course of my gallivating through this space we call Life, I meet a lady whose parents were fast enough to give birth to her before my parents ever thought of giving birth to me, I would be commiting a social “harakiri” if I so choose to walk down the aisle with her. It has become a social necessity to look for a lady whose date of birth is less than or equal to mine if I must tell the society I want to marry.
On Location…
For the mere fact that I was born and bred in Ibadan, the society automatically expects me to school whatever I want and then return back “home” or go to Lagos at most (that is where all my mates are going) or at best go abroad so I can “epp” my family with foreign exchange advantages ELSE I stand the chance of being mistakened for a serving Corps member for every year I decide to stay somewhere nobody expects somebody from my background to stay.
Such is what the society expects of us.
Final thoughts;
Blessed are those of us who are normal enough not to be disowned by our folks yet abnormal enough to lead the kind of life we choose to live for after all has been said and done, we are the ones who would have LIVED LIFE.