How to take your Business online and out-Sell your Competitors even if You do not know anything about Tech.

I always get DMs from Small/Medium Business owners about how they can leverage on the Internet to boost their sales.

So in the spirit of Christmas and Boxing Day, let me quickly do justice to that.

But before I speak plenty grammar, let’s be sure this is for You.

1. Are You a Business Owner (whether Micro, Small or Medium) or Side Hustler?

2.Do You have Products and Services to Sell?

3. Sales have not be so encouraging, so You are looking at other ways to boost Sales?

If You answered Yes to the 3 questions above, then You should read on, I specifically wrote this piece and eBook for You.

Now that we are on the same page, let’s rock and roll!

The first piece of the “Selling Online” Puzzle is your CUSTOMERS.

Yes You heard that right.

You need to sit down and get a clear picture of who your Customer is… dont mind Motifashuna Speakers, You cannot sell to 200 Million Nigerians.

Sit down and get a clear picture of just 1 Customer, we call it the Customer Avatar… when You have this clear picture, You will be able to recognise your own Customers even in darkness.

To help You here are some questions to ask to get a clear picture of your Customer.

1. What is your Customer’s Wants, Needs, Hopes and Aspirations?

  • Does He/She NEED your Product?
    (Let me continue using THEY to avoid quarrel).
  • Do they WANT it? most times we buy what we WANT not what we NEED.
  • What are their hopes? Do they want to SLAY with BONE STRAIGHT? Do they want to last longer in “prayers”?
  • Do they want to get a Summer Body? You get the point?

When You answer this, You will know if your Product is best fit for the kind of Customers You have in mind.

2. Where do they Congregate Online? I mean where do they hang out online?

  • Are they Mummies and Daddies sharing Broadcasts about 5G and Corona on Whatsapp?
  • Are they slay Mamas on Instagram?
  • Are they viewing statuses on Whatsapp?
  • Are they children of the world dragging people like Tiger Generator on Twitter?
  • or are they part of the general Balogun market on Facebook?

Now that You know how to reach where they hang out.. this brings us to the next question.

3.How do You reach them?

Simple Answer… Go where they are.!!!

If Your Customers are on Instagram, download the IG app immediately and setup a Business Account.

If they are on Twitter, setup a Twitter account immediately.

This post is getting really lengthy…

Will You like to Learn More?

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  1. I always love to read your articles word to word. I’m a big fan of you brother.
    Trust me, the sky is your limit SO.
    Much love.

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