Change the direction of your Money

Hey Fam!,

How have You been?

So I was thinking about something yesterday and I thought to share the insight with You.


Let us assume I give 10,000 Naira or Dollars now, the probability that the Money will become 5,000 in the next few days is HIGHER than the probably that it will become 11,000.

AKA It is easier for a 10,000 Naira I give You now to reduce to 5,000 in the next two days than for You to make an additional 1,000 and make it 11,000.

Do You agree?

Well, except You are the Alajo Somolu himself, I bet You should agree  ğŸ˜Ž .


Do You know WHY this happens?

Because the default direction of Money is DOWNWARDS.

As soon as You receive some Money, your Brain has been trained to give You several suggestions on HOW TO SPEND THE MONEY as fast as possible.


That is why You will receive your last month’s salary on the last day of the month or on the first day of this Month and before the 15th of this month You are already broke asf.

Did You receive Money at the beginning of the Month? Yes!

What happened to it? It went the direction of MONEY; Downwards as usual!


Is the story looking like your own?   😥 

Dont worry You are not alone. 

This table I am shaking, I am lying down comfortably on it with my PJ and soft pillows. 😆 

Folks think I like Money because I have now become an Ibo boy… Mba nu!!!  😯 

I like Money because I spend Money like the prodigal son… so, what I am trying to do these days is to MAKE MONEY FASTER than I spend it.

AKA I want the rate I make money to DOUBLE or TRIBLE the rate I spend it… Datzall!


Away from my own lamentations, we have identified a problem, let us attempt to proffer a solution.


Since we now know that the direction of our Money by default is DOWNWARDS, WHAT CAN WE DO?

Well the answer is obvious isnt it?


But, there is another problem; Not many of us have mastered the skill to alter the direction of Money.. AKA You make 10k today and in 2 days time You have increased that 10k to 15k or 20k..

We all need to learn this skill BUT while we are learning, WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO?

2. We can HALT the movement of the Money 

Money wants to move downwards, but we can find it a stool and sit its ass down like a boss  😛 .

AKA You collect the 10k and keep the goddamn 10k intact either in a fixed deposit account or some account where You will not have access to it.

I am not a huge fan of keeping Money in the bank sha but if this will help You SIT YOUR MONEY down, then do it.

Just make sure You are earning interest on the Money while it is sitting down.

And finally, if You are like me that is “Big Brother Africa” to a lot of folks and You are sure that every Money in your “akant” “belongs to Everybody and belongs to Nobody” just like President Buhari  😳 , then explore the final option

3. Use the Money productively while it is going downwards

If You are sure that the Money in your account will go down no matter how hard You try, THEN, You should ensure that while it is going down, it does productive things.

I have been working and earning salaries for the past 5 years and every month, I know some Money lands in my account and for some reasons they seem to be mutually exclusive; last month’s Money and this month’s Money doesnt seem to meet themselves in my account.. AKA before this one comes, the last one has japa!..

The Money comes and goes like a visitor… this actually reminds me of ALEJOLOWO a popular bus stop around FUTA in Akure  😉 .

If this is your table then we are co-table occupiers fam!

What is the way forward?

Well, I devised a way sometimes ago, every month I have a PROJECT; could be something to get in the house, some courses to take, some gadgets to acquire…just name it..

So as soon as the ALERT lands, I wire the Money for the project out immediately..afterall IF I dont do it, the Money will still japa lass lass.

You can try that out too. Just ensure while your Money is going downwards, it is doing something PRODUCTIVE for You.


I believe You have learnt a thing or two from this post?

Drop me a testimonial or comment if You want to.

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And by the way, 

Somebody once asked me HOW I manage to KNOW some many things…

Well, a Man does not know so many things like that o,

a Man just reads so many things and on some occasions “preparation happens to meet opportunity” and You ask me a question from some of the things I have read and I answer You like a pro so it appears I know things…

I no too sabi like that o Na read I read am!  😛 

With that said, what are You currently reading?

I read DRIVE in January and I am currently reading a curated book of Harvard Business Reviews on INNOVATION.

I read DRIVE in January

I am currently reading this in February

Cheers to you fam!


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