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Between Terminator 2, FUTA’s Robot and managing Expectations.

In 2015, I enrolled for a Master of Technology degree in FUTA.

I have always been enthusiastic about AI and Robotics so when I heard FUTA now had a robot, my joy knew no bound.

My robotic dreams was about to come through fam!!!

Somewhere “on the low” in my subconscious,

I was feeling like “Arnold Schwarzenegger” looking forward to meeting FUTA’s Terminator 2. 😎

On the meeting day, I entered the lab with “Gbe Body e!!!” energy, I was looking for the robot…

Abi the Robot have gone out oniown ni? 🤨

Maybe it went to buy something in Oba-Kekere..😋

Afi igba ti mo ri ePuck lori table..🤪..

Like WTF?

The “robot” was the size of my Coffee mug in the office…

Aye mi temi bami!!!

What happened?

Un-managed Expectations!!!

The person that told me FUTA had a robot was he lying? No!

Did FUTA have a robot? Absolutely!!!

Just that the robot was not as “robust” as I was expecting.

Same shii happens every day..

On the low, You are just confidently “expecting” folks to do things for You.

You want to get married, You just EXPECT that your Uncle will drop something… Your Uncle that is still looking for house rent??

You think because we are snapping fine pishur we have plenty Money…so when You ask and we say we dont have, You are angry..

The truth is that life is a giant-sized Jigsaw puzzle, nobody has got it figured out like that,

Na hustle wey we dey hustle the puzzle…

Morale of the story..

Manage your expectations carefully…. dont “expect ku expect”… so that You will not think everyone is Amaka.

Sometimes people are not disappointing, there was not appointment in the first place.

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