What do you have in Stock for the New Year

Its barely 3 days to the New Year.

As usual, folks are basking in the New-year Euphoria,

The Resolvers are already making New Year Resolutions, some are making the same Resolutions they made this time last year, Some are making Resolutions they will re-make this time next year.

By and Large, this will be my 25th New Year since I landed on this Planet like Clark Kent from Krypton.

That means I have well over 25 years of New year experience.

In my 25 years of experiencing New years, I have come to understand that New Years are nothing but ordinary days called by different names.

Men like us invented the Calendars we are currently using and it is courtesy of them them that one day is New year day while another day is just a “normal day”.

In my 25 years of experiencing New Years, I have also come to understand that New years are nothing but iterations of Seconds accumulating into Minutes and Hours and Days and Month.

Many a folks approach New years hoping the year just performs some magic and brings something different there ways.

On the New Year Eve, as usual our Churches and Mosques and Shrines will be filled to the brim with people hoping to leave in the morning with mantras like “2017 My Year of this, My Year of that”


By itself, the New Year has nothing to offer, January 1, 2017 is no different from June 14 1980, its yet another day.


Its not necessarily about WHAT THE YEAR HAS IN STOCK for you,

It is more about WHAT YOU HAVE IN STOCK for the New Year.

So permit me to ask,

What do you have in Stock for the New Year?