On Curricula Vitae (CVs) and Failure Resumes.

Our society is wired by default to celebrate “Successes”. We only remember stuffs like “the FIRST Man that landed on the Moon”, “the FIRST Man that climbed the Everest”, “the FIRST this, the FIRST that” others can take BRTs from there and go to Hell. We are quick to celebrate stuffs like; The best graduating […]

The Solomon Way 1

This May, I will be devoting a chunk of my time to study the life and times of King Solomon.   Just in case You do not know who King Solomon is, let me do a little introduction. Solomon was the son of David the King of Israel back in the days. Solomon was rumoured […]

A tale of narratives.

A large chunk our challenge lies in how we are delivering our narrative. What we are doing today is we allow others to tell our stories for us OR we take their own stories and adopt them as ours. It is the reason why we have Nigerian Jews and Levites from Akure. It is the […]