Protecting Cattles, Killing Humans

Sometimes, when I think about the depths of wickedness that has so permeated our society, I cannot but marvel. Most alarming is the level of stupidity associated with such wickedness. In one sentence, our people are stupidly wicked. Imagine the much dreaded vision-less Boko Haram sect for instance, these bunch of religious bigots have killed […]

Predictable Excellence

  Yesterday evening, I broke one of my lifelong rules. I spent 90 minutes of my limited, counting-down life watching a football match. Of course, you guessed right, it was the much publicized Arsenal FC Vs. Barcelona FC champions league match. Technically, I did not go and see two teams play, I went to watch […]

Bread Seller turned Super Model; My View.

I have refused to comment on the bread seller turned super model national headliner due to the huge emotional attachments. However, before our international audiences begin to think that every Nigerian “sleeps with their heads in the same direction” *in my Yoruba accent*, I will air my views. I celebrate the good fortunes that smiled […]