Maybe this is why we have not progressed

Earlier in the morning, I read a post about a University of Lagos (Unilag) graduate who had just graduated with a 5.00/5.00 CGPA.  That was such a record breaking feat. And yet, our social media never trended it. Banks and other multinationals have not offered him any endorsements yet. At best he would have received […]

Protecting Cattles, Killing Humans

Sometimes, when I think about the depths of wickedness that has so permeated our society, I cannot but marvel. Most alarming is the level of stupidity associated with such wickedness. In one sentence, our people are stupidly wicked. Imagine the much dreaded vision-less Boko Haram sect for instance, these bunch of religious bigots have killed […]

Predictable Excellence

  Yesterday evening, I broke one of my lifelong rules. I spent 90 minutes of my limited, counting-down life watching a football match. Of course, you guessed right, it was the much publicized Arsenal FC Vs. Barcelona FC champions league match. Technically, I did not go and see two teams play, I went to watch […]