Now that Crude Oil is Cheap [Poetry]

The wonder oil wasn’t it called? Making notoriety out of previous day peasants!, Like newly wedded brides, our neighbors envied we not? When the money oil gushed out of our soils. Where flee thee inhabitants of the Niger Area? Now that crude oil is cheap! Our hoes and cutlasses hastily we abandoned, Our Cocoa farmers […]

Life in Algorithms.

The word “Algorithm” is one of the many buzzwords in my field (Information Technology). When Tech. Guys want to confound the Non-techies they use phrases like “I am trying to build an algorithm to solve that problem”,”That Algorithm has a Big O notation”. A such the world has come to view algorithms as a property […]

On Celebrities and Observer Effects

The Nigerian Entertainment Ecosystem woke up in the early hours of this year to an alleged tussle between two of the juggernauts in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry; Don Jazzy of Mavins Records and Olamide of YBNL. The Aftermath of the alleged tussle were trends of various social networks including the now very popular #LeaveTrashForLawma hashtag. […]

New Millionaires

The year 2016 just like every other year comes with its fair share of everything; Prophesies, Predictions, Disasters, Scientific Breakthroughs…just everything you can think of. Already, I have started seeing various predictions and prophesies of what lies ahead in the year. Some factual, some imaginative, some good, some bad, some very ugly. But as the […]

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! I welcome you aboard the year 2016. The year 2015 was awesome, we had goals scored, milestones reached, dreams validated and the aftermath celebration was electrifying. 2016 promises to be spectacular. A lot of opportunities will be un-vieled, new millionaires and billionaires will be made, new breakthroughs will emerge in business, industry […]