“Ofe ko ni Poster” (Posters are not free)

Way back in my university days in FUTA, I had a friend who contested and won the Chairmanship position of our hall of residence. Courtesy of his new position, He had One room to himself alone.  The room would have been shared by 4 people (officially) and about 8-12 people (including Squatters and Loafers) and […]

On Apprenticeship

You see, it is very easy for people to give OPINIONS and dish out ADVICES even in areas they have little of no expertise on. You hear stuffs like; “Start a Poultry, buy 1000 Birds, they will lay 1000 Eggs every day, do You know how much they are selling a crate of Egg now, […]

Have You heard about TOMA?

Well, TOMA is an acronym for “Top Of Mind Awareness” It means registering yourself and your brand in the minds of your key people (Customers, Crushes, WCWs, Loved-ones and even Competitors). Let me drive it home with this question, WHEN PEOPLE NEED THE PRODUCTS/SERVICES YOU ARE OFFERING, WILL YOUR NAME BE THE FIRST TO COME […]

On trying to outshine your Masters

The year was 2005, I was in SSS 1C at the School of Science, Oke-bola in Ibadan. Our Mathematics teacher then Mr Arinze was trying to solve some questions on the board. Next thing, I said “excuse Me Sir, that thing you are solving is not correct” 😀.. the whole class bursted into laughter. 5 minutes […]

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