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If God Had a Suggestion Box II.

On Religious Psychologists I grew up in a very religious environment. My grand mum was (and is still) the equivalent of a Mother Theresa in the Cherubim and Serafim (*in Fela’s Voice*) movement. My Mom navigated from the Apostolic Faith to the Apostolic Church and am sure She is currently living on Apostolic Street in […]

If God Had a Suggestion Box I.

If God had a suggestion box that allows us to post our suggestions from here and he will get to read it in heaven, I am sure he will get loads of suggestions from me that my name will become popular amongst the Angels. If God had a suggestion box, my first suggestion will be […]

5 days of Perennial Impacts

This week, the organization I work for; The Platform Technology LTD commenced her flagship CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project for the year 2016. The project tagged “The 2016 Career Guidance/ Goal Setting Seminar” will see the Impact train moving across 10 Federal Unity Schools in the 5 South Eastern States of Nigeria. The First half of […]