[Photo] Retro-Dad and Daughter

[Photo] Retro-Dad and Daughter Photo by Ambience Photography In this Photo; #KENTE #JEANSHORTS #OXFORDS #RETRO #FATHER #DAUGHTER #MODELS #RETRO seunogunmolaI am Seun Ogunmola I help People and Organizations to leverage on Technology to achieve their goals Faster, Easier and Cheaper. I also write on diverse subject areas including Finance, Business, Productivity and Governance. http://www.seunogunmola.com.ng

Feminism is not an excuse….

I meet some folks of the opposite-sex daily who seem to have gotten a lifetime excuse for their mediocrises. Wollup, before you tag me anti-anything. I have got great female friends in their numbers. I have got my friend Christiana Akabuike, her hustle-spirit constantly keeps me on my toes. I have got my forever-crush Mkpouto […]

Shall We Begin the Future?

I woke one morning and I discovered that virtually EVERYTHING I told myself I wanted to do in the FUTURE is already happening. As a kid, I was very eager for the FUTURE to come.  I could not wait for the Future to come. In the Future, I wanted to Earn my own Money, Buy […]

If God Had a Suggestion Box III.

If God had a suggestion box, I will write to him and beg him that every Sunday he should boldly paste his account details in the Sky like he does with the Rainbow OR better Still he should send Angel Gabriel or Uriel and make them visible to us and have them stay at the […]