Universal Conspiracy

“ When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” — The Alchemist. The statement above is one of the many gems that is embedded in the Book, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. Nothing could be more True. I have decided to term the concept Universal Conspiracy because I have seen the […]

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Its time to Act your Resume

Way back in the days, when I was leaving the University, one of the critical skills I acquired was “How to craft a killer Resume/CV”. In the course of my CV writing Skill Acquisition, I learnt about the benefits of using ACTION WORDS in your Resume.  Action words catch the attention of the person reading […]

How did they get there?

How did they get there? That is the question I ask whenever I come across people who are doing stuffs I hope to do, or have the stuffs I am hoping to acquire in the “future”. I believe there in lies the answers to some of the puzzles we are trying to solve all by […]

Excerpts from my forthcoming Book

The new book is titled LEVERAGE. In the course of my gallivanting through this space we call life, I began to see trends amongst the Sons-of-Men with striking resemblances to the effects our Levers and Pulleys gave way back in Primary and Secondary School. This time around no Simple Machine was involved, no Fulcrum was […]